Best AR 15 Scope

Find the Right Red Dot Sight For Your AR

By Bob Hammell

Although scopes provide a lot of utility to AR 15's you may find yourself in a situation where the magnification ability of a scope is unnecessary for your purposes:

For home defense where you don't plan on shooting past your front yard; Hunting smaller game at closer distances; shooting practice at short length ranges; or any time you don't need 1/4" accuracy at 100 yards.

In these cases your iron sights would get the job done, it may not be the most convenient option. You have to be quick with lining up the rear sight, front sight, and target. If you haven't been practicing it can be difficult to be accurate with them.

If you stil want the simplicity of a reticle but without the magnification of a scope then one of the best options is a red dot sight.

We've gone through and compiled the best list of greatest red dot sights we could find.

The Ultimate AR 15 Red Dot Sight Guide

Red Dot
Window Size

Bushnell TRS-25

Red Dot
3.7 2.4 25 $69

Truglo Red Dot

4.5 4.0 30 $49

Leapers Golden Image

7.4 4.7 30 $69


Red Dot
7.1 4.2 32.5 $45

BSA Red Dot

Red Dot
5.0 4.2 30 $32

Sightmark Z-Series

4 Pattern
8.6 3.58 32x24 $85

Red Dot Sight Definition

A red dot sight is used to create an illuminated aimpoint that the shooter can overlay on the target for accurate shooting. In many cases the are better than using iron sights becaue they allow for a more open sight picture and work in low light conditions. A red dot sight may not be a dot at all and the reticle can also take the shape of a crosshair of donut depending on the setup.

An LED is used to create collumated light that reflects off the objective window into the shooters eye. This is what creates the dot that is used to overlay onto the target.

Red dots are usually low profile and non-bulky. The length and width are much smaller than a magnified optice.

This type of sight is great for quick target acquisition and allow for shooting with both eyes open. There is a greater ability for situational awareness as well.

Determining the right Red Dot Sight

We have gon through an listed the top red dot sights available for shooters in our interactive chart above. By looking through it you can begin to realize that there are a number of factors that weigh in on what makes a red dot different from the next. We here at BestAR15Scopes tend to focus in a few of these key metrics to when comparing sights. This includes projection type, tube vs. open, reticle, and battery life.

Each of these metrics has different pros and cons associated with them, and the best sights will have the right combination of these for your shooting purposes.

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